Sunday, 1 May, 2016 - 21:58

Australia’s Metadata Retention Law Back in the News

Australia’s metadata retention laws made news again this week after it was revealed, via ZDNet’s freedom of information requests, that 61 Australian government-affiliated agencies had made requests for citizens’ and others’ metadata.

Friday, 15 December, 2017 - 15:45

Email MetaWiper Assistant

What is Email MetaWiper Assistant?

Email MetaWiper Assistant is a part of service, that will help you quickly remove all metadata from you files just by sending an email with files attached. will do his job and will return files without metadata to email address from which it came from.

How to use it?


Sunday, 23 July, 2017 - 14:41

Full text of GDPR - Regulation (EU) 2016/679

After four years of preparation and debate the GDPR was finally approved by the EU Parliament on 14 April 2016. It will enter in force 20 days after its publication in the EU Official Journal and will be directly application in all members states two years after this date. Enforcement date: 25 May 2018 - at which time those organizations in non-compliance will face heavy fines. Please, find here the full text of GDPR:

Tuesday, 24 October, 2017 - 20:05

Exif viewer online

What is EXIF Data?


Saturday, 15 July, 2017 - 21:31

Metadata and GDPR

Are you sure that your metadata in files are protected pursuant to the new General Data Protection Regulation?


Sunday, 1 May, 2016 - 21:54

How to remove metadata from PDF file

With an increase in the usage of PDF files, much research has gone into identifying the kind of hidden data that may be contained by PDF files, along with their associated risks.