Saturday, 11 June, 2016 - 16:34

What is metadata and why to use MetaWiper

Learn more about metadata and reasons why to use MetaWiper.


Saturday, 11 June, 2016 - 16:30

The most important legal cases dealing with metadata in the US civil procedure

It is obvious that metadata stored in common types of documents can reveal secrets about its users and if not managed properly, also benefit a cyber-attacker/adverse party.


Sunday, 8 May, 2016 - 21:13

How to remove metadata from word documents

Now a day almost every computer user has installed Microsoft office for their daily personal or business use. So, have you ever wondered what was used to save text before Microsoft word? 


Sunday, 1 May, 2016 - 22:05

Canada's electronic spy agency stops sharing some metadata with partners

Canada's electronic spy agency, has stopped sharing certain metadata with international partners after discovering it had not been sufficiently protecting that information before passing it on.


Sunday, 1 May, 2016 - 21:58

Australia’s Metadata Retention Law Back in the News

Australia’s metadata retention laws made news again this week after it was revealed, via ZDNet’s freedom of information requests, that 61 Australian government-affiliated agencies had made requests for citizens’ and others’ metadata.


Sunday, 1 May, 2016 - 21:54

How to remove metadata from PDF file

With an increase in the usage of PDF files, much research has gone into identifying the kind of hidden data that may be contained by PDF files, along with their associated risks.